Stanford have invented a “relentless mechanical plant” – and I am so here for it

When you watch this report of the invention of a new robot in tentacle form, your instinctive reaction will fall into three camps. Some people will go “ooooh” at the possibilities of this new technology. Some people will go “ewwww” at what is a very odd-looking thing, which is not at all conventional in its behaviour.

And there is a third group, who will find themselves crossing their legs.

I’m in that group.

I did actually write a short story a while back with an invading caterpillar-like creature that moved by eversion, which I might post up here for comparison…

(H/T to @girlonthenet for the original link)

Out Now! – Tidy Girl

Out Now! – Tidy Girl

Out today – my first full-length novel!

Tidy Girl

Straight-laced straight-A student Gemma Codrington likes everything to be neat and well-ordered. She is on her way to university and she takes pride in being good at everything she does. She’s even determined to be very good at sex, if she ever finds the time to have any.

But a chance encounter with a mysterious couple at one of her brother’s wild parties makes Gemma realise there are some lessons that can’t be learned from a text book. Under the tutelage of the exotic Lorena and the muscular Gus (together with his “twin brother” Leo) she finds herself juggling studies and sin, discovering that – to get what she needs – a tidy girl must sometimes be prepared to get untidy. From dungeons to supermarkets, from buses to back alleys, Gemma is about to learn her most important lesson of all – that the world is full of perils and wonders for a girl with no knickers.

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